About RIC

RIC’s Mission

The RIC is dedicated to supporting the advancement of the remanufacturing industry. We foster cooperation among remanufacturing industries in areas of common interest, promote the use of remanufactured products, and increase public awareness of the contributions remanufacturing provides to the economy and the environment.

RIC Stats

Together with our Remanufacturing Association Alliance Partners we represent approximately*

Remanufacturing Employees

Revenue in U.S. Dollars

Landfill Avoidance in Tons

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Our Value Proposition

Who We Are

A strategic alliance of global businesses, academia, and industry-specific trade associations supporting the entire remanufacturing industry through a combination of advocacy, collaboration, and education. RIC members represent the broad sectors of the industry in areas such as Heavy Duty, Medical Equipment, Office Furniture, and Aircraft.

The Importance of Remanufacturing

Remanufacturing plays a role in supporting the economy, creates new jobs and provides financial stability while benefiting the environment. For the members of the RIC, sustainability is a core strength of their businesses; they remanufacture returned and discarded materials to create products that.

Why Become an RIC Member?

The remanufacturing industry requires a strategic, strong, and unified voice to make a global impact on the economy and the environment. You can work with us to promote growth in the remanufacturing industry and influence government policy to minimize barriers in the U.S. and foreign markets. You will benefit from initiatives related to advanced technology, information.

RIC Member Benefits



Represent the interest of our members to inform regulatory policy and reduce or eliminate barriers to improve acceptance and recognition of remanufactured products.


Valuable networking opportunities and industry forums for the sharing of information on developments in remanufacturing technologies and industry best practices.



Educating consumers, OEMs, distributors and government officials on the positive impact that the remanufacturing industry has on the environment and the economy through its process and products.


Unified Voice

As a diverse and cohesive group, RIC speaks as a unified voice on behalf of the many different remanufacturing industry sectors. 

Better Profits

RIC advances the vision for understanding remanufacturing as a key economic driver for the future for wealth and job creation and a means to economic and environmental stability.

Eliminating Barriers

RIC creates a greater awareness and acceptance of remanufactured products with the goal of eliminating common barriers and growing the remanufacturing industry.

RIC Committees

Marketing & Membership

Addressing marketing challenges for the remanufacturing industry as well as overseeing RIC’s membership policies

Research & Development

Discussing pre-competitive technical topics of interest as well as providing techncial education for the industry

Trade & Policy

Advocating for the industry through trade and policy initiatives as well as standards development activities

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Encouraging opportunities for underrepresented groups to improve diversity throughout RIC and the industry

Remanufacturing Association Alliance

Bringing together partners from diverse sectors to assemble a unified voice for the industry

RIC Board of Directors

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Paul Adamson

America's Remanufacturing Company
Headshot Image

Casey Blevins

Integrated Power Services
Headshot Image

Bill Davies

Davies Office
Headshot Image

N. Tyrone Ellis

Trane Technologies
Headshot Image

Carl Fletcher

Headshot Image

Jeremy Kelley

CNH Industrial Reman
Headshot Image

Nabil Nasr

Rochester Institute of Technology & The REMADE Institute
Headshot Image

Mike Schmit

GE Healthcare
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Kevin Schrag

John Deere Reman
Headshot Image

Jeffrey Stukenborg

ZF Group
Headshot Image

Jeff Sutherland

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Mike White

SRC Logistics Inc.
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Todd Wieland


RIC History



RIC 1.0 begins as Remanufacturing Industries Council International (RICI)



RIC 2.0 is formed to tackle legal, technical, and public relations challenges facing the industry


RIC 3.0 is formed, founded by key industry leaders like Caterpillar, Cummins, and Davies Office



ANSI/RIC001.1-2016 Specifications for the Process of Remanufacturing is approved


First annual Reman Day gets global recognition with 127 events in 17 countries across 6 continents


Continued advocacy, collaboration, and education for the good of the industry