Perfect for Middle School, High School, and Beyond

We know that students are often beginning to make choices about their career path as early as middle school. In high school they may take courses that prepare them for their chosen path. Ultimately, before they graduate high school they will make decisions about their next steps: choosing a major in college, or choosing to enter the workforce.

The earlier we can introduce them to the remanufacturing industry, the better chance we have of them considering it as a career path.

Look Inside

Page 2-3

The graphic novel begins with a student having a nightmare about a trash monster, then discovering with a friend that there is a dumpster full of old computers behind the school.

Graphic Novel Page 2-3
Graphic Novel Page 4-5

Page 4-5

The students ask their teacher why the school is throwing away so much stuff that could be recycled. The teacher explains that the computers are actually on their way to being remanufactured and introduces the students to the concept of the circular economy.

Page 6-7

The class takes a field trip to a local remanufacturing facility. As they begin to tour the facility, they see core inspection and disassembly processes in action.

Graphic Novel Page 6-7
Graphic Novel Page 8-9

Page 8-9

Continuing the tour, students see cleaning methods (ultrasonic bath and substrate) and testing. They end the tour with packing and an explanation of commonly remanufactured products.

Page 10-11

On the final page the graphic novel discusses various career paths available within remanufacturing including: warehouse, machine operators, engineers, and sales and marketing.

The students end by taking up the Reman Day flag and declaring they are ready to join the reman movement.

Inside the back cover is a glossary.

Graphic Novel Page 10-11
Graphic Novel Page 8-9

Back Cover

The back cover has space for you to add your company logo or some information about your company.

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For a limited time prior to Reman Day the Graphic Novel is available in the Reman Day Store.

You can also download the PDF and print it yourself.

We encourage you to provide copies to your local school(s).