Interchangeability of Low Voltage Circuit Breakers: Avoiding Potential Pitfalls of Breaker Substitutions


Before a low voltage circuit breaker (600 Volts or lower) can be remanufactured, it must be removed from the electrical infrastructure. Addressing this interruption of service by providing a spare unit is essential to a PEARL shop’s ability to start a reconditioning project.  Due to the depth and breadth of products that can be decades old, produced from multiple OEMs, with a relatively small installation base, substitutions of configurable electrical power distribution equipment can be a serious roadblock to success.

The ANSI/IEEE C37.20.1 standard addresses interchangeability of low voltage elements in switchgear for new manufacturing, but what doesn’t it cover? The purpose of this webinar is to review common configurable components when substituting Low Voltage Circuit Breakers, to include interrupting ratings, frame sizes, rejection hardware, electrical diagrams and switchgear variations.


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Learning Objectives

  1. List the considerations for remanufacturing a low voltage circuit breaker.
  2. Identify common configurable components when substituting Low Voltage Circuit Breakers.
  3. Be familiar with interrupting ratings, frame sizes, and more.


Justin Miller

National Switchgear

Account Manager

With five years of breaker remanufacturing experience and seven years as a technical Account Manager, Justin Miller has a unique breadth of knowledge in the power distribution equipment industry. As a subject matter expert, he is equipped to speak on the various 480 Volt to 15 KV distribution equipment and teach on the interchangeability of circuit breakers.

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