Directed Energy Deposition in Additive Manufacturing


A variety of parts in the remanufacturing process have wear present at a level that prevents re-use.  Using laser technology to deposit fresh material, can give a part new life.  In some cases, a better material can be deposited on the worn part to extend its’ subsequent life.  Elements of the actual technology, the process, and a range of applications will be discussed by an expert panel.  Opportunity for audience questions will be available.

Learning Objectives

  1. Understand the use of laser technologies to repair parts.
  2. Identify process and material elements that need to be considered to have successful salvage.
  3. Recognize the range of potential applications and validation.


Todd Wieland

Cummins Inc.

Director of Engineering, New and ReCon Parts Mfg.


Thomas Feldhausen

Oakridge National Laboratory, Mechanical Engineering – Robotics and Additive Manufacturing

Justin Cheney

Oerlikon Metco, R&D Manager

Adolfo Castells

Oerlikon Metco, Global Product Portfolio Manager

Wesley Wheeler

Phoenix Laser Solutions, Sales Manager

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