Core Management Insight


Learn valuable insights and strategies for managing the return of Core for remanufacturing.  Core is what we call the previously used parts and components that are turned into like-new condition through the process of remanufacturing. Handling core efficiently and reliably is key to a sustainable, profitable and successful remanufacturing program.  Insight, ideas and open discussion will be providing during this webinar.

Learning Objectives

  1. Explore strategies for managing core.
  2. Gain insights for handling core efficiently and reliably.
  3. Identify strategies for maintaining a sustainable, profitable and successful reman program.


Vaughn Henson

SRC Holdings

Business Development Manager

Vaughn Henson is the Director of Business Development at SRC Holdings, the oldest employee-owned remanufacturers in North America. Mr. Henson is responsible for developing strategic partnerships and acquisitions.

Prior roles include: GM of SRC Logistics and CFO roles in supply chain and chemical refining. He holds two international patents for interactive television guides. His career began in public accounting.

He serves on the board of RIC, Champion Athletes of the Ozarks, and a startup firm specializing in configuration software systems.

The Hensons reside in Ozark, MO, with their three children and three dogs and one cat. The couple maintains their sanity by escaping to the lake for boat rides and winding through the Ozarks on their touring motorcycle.

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