Applications of Polymer 3D Printing within Remanufacturing


In this special 2-hour webinar you will hear from industry leaders in 3D printing with polymers. You will learn about how additive manufacturing with polymers helps to bring products to market more quickly and can be used in place of more costly alternatives in traditional manufacturing processes.

Learning Objectives

  1. Become aware of the various polymer printing technologies and materials
  2. Learn about part development and printing services
  3. See applications in prototyping, tooling, fixturing, finished parts and more
  4. Obtain ideas for how to take next steps


Todd Wieland

Cummins Inc.

Director of Engineering, New and ReCon Parts Mfg.


Kerry Moriarty

3D Part Quality Expert, HP Inc.

Liz Stortstrom

3D Printing Application Engineer, HP Inc.

Tibor van Melsem Kocsis

Founder – CEO, DiManEx

Chirag D Parikh

Product Design Technical Advisor, Cummins Filtration

Vanessa Verzwyvelt

Master Systems Engineer, HP Inc.

Xin Cheng

3D Printing System R&D Engineer, HP Inc.

Mike Carpenter

Reman Engineer, ZF Group

Watch the Replay Now

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