The webinar was fantastic.

I am interested in understanding how to help grow this sector. This is moving to resources as a service, same as software has transformed. It is needed !

Very good mix of topics between the 4 presenters. Moderator was much better than previous moderators.

Really do appreciate the work that the team does to set up these seminars. Todd does a great job moderating these panels, especially the Q&A.

All the presenters did a nice job, and we appreciate it.

Overall a wonderful presentation and found it extremely useful.

Good knowledge. Thanks for putting this on.

Can we get a copy of the webinar since we could not join through teams? Thanks you

I thought the presenters did a good job in the amount of time they were given. That is not to say the time was too short.... I thought it was appropriate for a high level discussion. Appreciated the opportunity to attend and listen in.

I think the presenters did a very good job, and were able to effectively work through the video and IT "glitches".

Wasn't that additive guy from Cummins (Nikhil) awesome?