#ThinkReman Post 5/20/20

Every three weeks, RIC will be posting on a new topic, trend, or innovation affecting the remanufacturing industry. The posts will link to in-depth information on the topic in the form of either a blog post, video, webinar, or infographic.

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That brings us to today’s post which is on the topic of how the ANSI/RIC001.1-2016 remanufacturing standard is bringing clarity and rigor to the industry. This post is available now on social media and will link to a blog post on the RIC website.

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Purchasing remanufactured products is an important part of the #circulareconomy. In the past, purchasing agents and consumers have been on their own to determine what a “remanufactured” product is. Find out how the RIC001.1 standard brings clarity and rigor to the #remanufacturing industry. #thinkreman

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