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How it Works


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Join hundreds of other remanufacturers from around the world celebrating global Reman Day!


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No matter what size event you choose to have, each and every event is important in raising awareness about remanufacturing and its benefits to the environment and economy. 

Have fun & celebrate global reman day!

Be sure to use #RemanDay2024 when sharing your event on social media.


What is Reman Day?

Reman Day promotes the important part your company plays in remanufacturing. As a key member of the circular economy, Reman Day demonstrates the innovative ways members of all industry sectors are advancing remanufacturing and substantiates the positive environmental impact of this global industry.

Why should I host an event?

Remanufacturing is good for people, profits, and the planet, and the industry has great potential for growth. Reman Day is an opportunity to celebrate the benefits of remanufacturing as well as to take steps toward growing the industry. Through your event you can form closer relationships with various stakeholders at your organization, encourage workforce development efforts in your community, and/or educate elected officials about the benefits of remanufacturing.

How can I plan an event?

There are many different types of events you can hold from pizza in the break room for the staff to a facility tour with students, government officials, and suppliers. Here are a few ideas of people you may want to invite to your event:

  • Employee friends and family
  • Suppliers
  • Customers
  • Civic and community leaders
  • Students
  • Elected Officials

For more event ideas, visit the event planning page.

How do I register an event?

Registering an event is quick and easy. You do not need to have all of the details about your event when registering. You can sign back into your account when you are ready to add in the details you want to share. To register your event, go to the event registration page and complete the questionnaire.

Why should I register my event?

Registering your event at provides visibility for your organization and shows your company’s role in elevating the entire remanufacturing industry.

What You Get When You Register

  • Publish information about your organization to
  • Show your connection to this global event.
How do I promote Reman Day?

After registering your event, make use of the collateral we have prepared to support a successful event, including:

  • The Reman Day logo with guidelines for its use
  • A press release template
  • An advertising template
  • A web banner template
  • A sample proclamation

Find these and more under the Host Resources tab in the menu.