Are you needing to move your Reman Day 2020 event online? Keep reading for tips and ideas on hosting a successful digital celebration.

We know how much work and planning goes into hosting an event. During these unprecedented times, many companies need to move their Reman Day plans online. Below are ten ideas to pull-off a fun, engaging, and educational online celebration.

Lunch & Learn: whether in the office, working remote, or on the factory floor, a lunch and learn session is an excellent way for your employees to tune-in and celebrate Reman Day. You can find pre-recorded and live webinars at or

Social Sharing: spend the day posting on social media using #RemanDay2020. You will be able to view your posts and see what other companies are posting on the Reman Day social wall at

Host a Webinar: webinars are an excellent tool for large audiences. You can incorporate an app like Slido to poll your audience and make the event more interactive. Slido will tally the data for you as well as allow your attendees to post questions in real-time. Some webinar ideas to consider include interviewing an industry influencer, Q & A session on your industry, and suggestions and ideas for working remotely.

Virtual Tour: a virtual tour is a great way to show your customers and local government your remanufacturing facility. Perhaps there is a particular technology your organization is using that you want to let other people know about; a virtual tour is a great way to highlight this technology. Any video conferencing platform should work to share your tour in real time, or you can post a recorded video to a video sharing platform like YouTube.

Reman Scavenger Hunt: using the remanufacturing fact sheet and the Goosechase app, you can create a scavenger hunt that will not only be fun for your whole organization but educational as well.

Hold a Contest: enter your employees in a drawing when they submit a video answering a question or set of questions about your company or the remanufacturing industry.

Support Your Local Community: work with a local restaurant or caterer to have a boxed lunch delivered to each of your employees. Don’t forget to have them include a message from your organization. Not only does this show your support of your community but of your employees as well.

#SwagBrag: everyone loves to share pictures. Encourage your staff to send their pics of using Reman Day swag, whether it’s the Reman Day mug on their desk or a selfie in the Reman Day t-shirt. Apps like Trello or Airtable will help you keep track of the pictures. Don’t forget to share them on social media using #RemanDay2020.

Virtual lunch: nothing brings people together like food! Host a lunch meeting for your staff on a meeting platform like Zoom. Let them spend time visiting and catching up while they eat their own food or the food you’ve had delivered to them.

Peer Review: ask employees to enter a photo or gif into a Trello board. Once all entries are in, ask peers to vote for the best one. Give the winner a Reman Day mug or another prize.