Remanufacturing Industries Council Announces Its 2023 Board of Directors

January 31, 2023

Elections held this January concluded the graduated change to the Bylaws that the RIC Board approved in 2021. There are now six Sustaining Members who hold permanent seats on the Board. Those companies and their current representatives are:

  • Caterpillar, Jeffrey Sutherland, Chief Engineer – Cat Reman
  • Cummins, Todd Wieland, Director of Research & Technology, Aftermarket
  • GE Healthcare, Michael Schmit, Director, Remanufacturing Technology
  • Rochester Institute of Technology, Nabil Nasr, Director, Golisano Institute for Sustainability
  • SRC, Michael White, General Manager, SRC Logistics

Davies Office holds the sixth Sustaining Member seat. However, their representative, Bill Davies is currently serving in the role of Immediate Past Chair until 2024, which includes an automatic seat on the Board, so this seat was available to a Director-at-Large for 2023.

The following members were reelected in January:

  • David Ahlstrand, John Deere Reman, Factory Manager
  • Casey Blevins, Integrated Power Services, Vice President of Marketing
  • Jeffrey Stukenborg, ZF Group, Reman Engineering Leader

The Board approved a one-time change to the term of these seats, reducing the normal two-year term to one year. This will align the election of these seats with the remaining Director-at-Large seats. This will replace the staggered elections that were in place prior to the implementation of permanent seats for the Sustaining Members. With the new stability of the Sustaining Members, staggered elections are no longer necessary.

The following members were elected in 2022 and retain their Board seat until 2024:

  • Paul Adamson, America’s Remanufacturing Company, Chief Revenue Officer
  • Carl Fletcher, Navistar, Reman Development
  • Jeremy Kelley, CNHi Reman, Product Engineering Manager
  • Ryan Wilson, BBB Industries, Director of Sales, Commercial Vehicle

In addition, Bill Schofield, long time member and avid supporter of RIC, retired at the end of last year. We thank him for his support and wish him well in his retirement.

In January 2024, RIC will hold elections for six Director-at-Large seats, followed by elections of Officers in February.

View the full Board on the About RIC page.