RIC Represented in Global Fora

June 30, 2023

Several of our members have had the opportunity to represent remanufacturing in global fora recently.

World Trade Organization’s Trade and Environment Week 2023

As part of Trade and Environment Week 2023, several RIC members participated in a panel called Remanufacturing: Contributing to Climate Change Solutions and More Circular Economies. Working with the Office of the United States Trade Representative,  Jeff Stukenborg, Reman Engineering Leader, ZF Group, and current RIC Chair, was the “scene setter” for this panel about reman’s importance to sustainability and the circular economy. Other RIC member participating included Ann-Marie Padgett, Director Market Access, Caterpillar; Mike Schmit, Director Remanufacturing Technology, GE Healthcare, and Rafa Spear, Remanufacturing Performance Cell Director, Cummins.

Remanufactured Goods Workshop in Indonesia

Ann-Marie Padgett, Director Market Access, Caterpillar and Nabil Nasr, Director of Golisano Institute for Sustainability, Rochester Institute of Technology, and CEO, The REMADE Institute traveled to Indonesia to discuss reman in a roundtable with U.S. business and Indonesian government representatives. The purpose of the workshop was to support supply chain resilience and the circular economy.