RIC Webinar Guidelines

Webinar goal:  to inspire, educate, and share best practices and experiences on key topics for the remanufacturing industry.

Webinar Content Development Guidelines

  • Provide a compelling presentation with an engaging PowerPoint. Our audiences are looking for concrete examples and candid stories of successes as well as failures so that they can benefit deeply from the session.
  • All content must be approved prior to the live date by RIC and must be focused on educating and informing attendees without appearing to be a sales pitch.
  • The presentation should be approximately 35-40 minutes allowing 15 minutes for questions and answers at the end of the webinar. (Panels will determine the time for each presenter.)
  • The presenters’ material must support three to four learning objectives.
  • RIC will provide a PowerPoint Template for presenters to use.

Presentation Location Considerations

  1. Look for a light source in front of you and not one behind you. Natural light from a window is best; a desk lamp works well too. If you need to sit with your back to a window, close the blinds and turn on a lamp in front of you.
  2. Review your background. Virtual backgrounds are available in Microsoft Teams, but they can slow down the video, so we do not recommend using them.
  3. Ensure that your camera is attached to the screen you will be presenting from. Position your webcam at eye level. You may need to raise your laptop up on a stack of books.
  4. Your face should be the largest object in your video feed. The video window that shows alongside the presentation is small, so in order for people to really see you, you should be close to the camera. Position your webcam within an arm’s length from your face.
  5. Test your audio at the practice session to ensure that you can be heard clearly. We recommend using a headset with a microphone to provide clearer audio.

Webinar Timeline

Four Weeks Ahead

  1. A one to two paragraph summary of the webinar content.
  2. Include three to four learning objectives for your presentation.
  3. Submit your brief bio with a jpeg or png headshot.


One Week Ahead

  1. Submit a draft of your presentation for RIC review.
  2. Submit two to three questions for use during the Q&A session.
  3. Attend a one-hour practice webinar to do a technology check and to review the presentation for any important content changes. (Microsoft Teams is the webinar platform used.)
  4. Consider having another person from your organization attend both the practice and live session. Their role will be to monitor the questions submitted by attendees and approve or dismiss them. This is not required, but will help to ensure that questions asked are relevant to the presentation and your expertise. (Panels will have a moderator who is responsible for this.)
  5. Determine where you will give your presentation from and try to test that spot for the practice webinar. Review the Presentation Locations Considerations above for guidance.

Webinar Live Day

  1. Submit a final PowerPoint and any reference materials that you’d like included with the recording.
  2. Join the webinar at least 15 minutes in advance of the scheduled start for final technology and sound checks. Never use the attendee link or you won’t be able to control your audio and screen sharing.
  3. Remember not to type during the broadcast as that will be picked up on the recording.
  4. Turn off the ringer on phones in the room.
  5. Close unused applications and programs on your computer.
  6. RIC will provide opening remarks and introduce the speaker(s) and then turn the session over to the presenter.
  7. Following the presentation, RIC will moderate the Question & Answer session.
  8. Once all questions have been answered, or at the end of the scheduled time, whichever comes first, RIC will close the webinar by thanking the presenter(s) and informing the attendees to look for three follow up emails:
  1. a webinar survey will be arriving in their inbox momentarily to gather feedback on the current webinar and help determine future topics
  2. a link to the recording will be sent out tomorrow
  3. an email with other relevant resources will be sent out in the next few days.

Thank you for your help in ensuring the success of your webinar. We appreciate the time you’ve invested.