Trade & Policy Committee

Nathan Duncan

Committee Co-Chair

Haldex Brakes
Regional Manager (Remanufacturing & Friction)

Bill Davies

Davies Office

Ashley Dawson

John Deere Reman
Sr Product Compliance Engineer

Everardo Frias Rios

CoreCentric Solutions
Engineering Manager

Tricia Judge

Int'l Imaging Technology Council
Executive Director

Jeremy Kelley

CNH Industrial Reman
Product Engineering Manager

Karey Lientz

Engineering Buyer

Ken Oda

CoreCentric Solutions
Vice President of Engineering

Melissa Russell

Director, Market Access

Mike Schmit

GE Healthcare
Director, Remanufacturing Technology

Rafael Spear

Cummins Inc
Remanufacturing Performance Cell Director

Ramesh Subramoniam

University of Texas at Dallas
Clinical Associate Professor of Operations Management

Astrid Wynne

Sustainability Lead