Techbuyer Partners Industry-Leading Data Centre Research in Europe

April 1, 2021

Techbuyer, a sustainable IT solution provider founded in the UK, is partnering a mature data centre research project in Europe. The CEDaCI (Circular Economy in the Data Centre Industry) project extension is launching in 2022 following the success of its first year.

CEDaCI (Circular Economy in the Data Centre Industry) brings together academics, industry experts and non-profits to increase circularity in the sector across the UK, France, Germany and the Netherlands from all areas of the IT life cycle. Their next Interreg funded project – the Capitalisation Initiative – is expanding its reach to Belgium, Luxembourg and Ireland. Specifically, the initiative will be providing technical support to 30 SMEs and 10 public authorities across Europe.

Techbuyer is currently an associate partner for the existing CEDaCI project, which is in its second year. Techbuyer team members have been sharing their knowledge of server refurbishment, configuration and repair, as well as providing IT hardware for lab analysis. The company will be joining the Capitalisation Initiative when it begins in April 2022 to help meet the project’s CI targets.

“Research projects like these are crucial for increasing the circularity of the data centre sector and finding answers to long-asked questions,” says Astrid Wynne, Techbuyer Sustainability Lead. “We’ve really enjoyed working with Deborah and her team over the past year and are very excited to share expertise with professionals in wider Europe in this next stage.”

“As a company we have been working closely with businesses and understanding exactly they need from their IT equipment for over 15 years. We’ve also partnered server efficiency research in Europe and contributed to remanufacturing standards overseas. It’s clear that the demand for circular IT is there, and so research that increases this access is key.”

Techbuyer is a sustainable IT provider with sites across Europe, the US and Asia Pacific. The company provides new and quality refurbished servers, storage and networking equipment, laptops, desktops and components from over 150 brands. They also upgrade, repair, refurbish, sell or replace existing devices to extend the life cycle of IT equipment.

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