CoreCentric Solutions in Carol Stream on the outskirts of Chicago, Illinois, celebrated Global Reman Day with employees and several area customers. The company provides remanufacturing services on electronic controls and electro­ mechanical parts for major appliances, fitness equipment, heating, ventilation, and air conditioning products.

Chris Cloutier, CoreCentric Director of Sustainability: “Twelve different service and repair organizations came to our facility to learn more about what parts we remanu­facture and our remanufacturing capacity. This was an exciting opportunity to share information about the quality of our remanufac­tured parts and we were able to help break down some misconcep­tions and misin­formation about remanufactured parts with several of these organizations.”

Later in the afternoon, all of CoreCentric’s US employees gathered for a discussion about remanufacturing, a quiz about CoreCentric and remanufacturing, and cake and ice­cream. The employees heard from CoreCentric CEO Tom Healy and Cloutier.

The company also developed and released a case story report on the company’s remanufacturing of ice­makers, which was shared with customers and clients and the Ellen McArthur Foundation’s CE100 global network.

The events of the day had about 150 participants. No plans have been made for next Reman Day. “But,” added Cloutier, “we know we will do more to involve our local community and start planning earlier.”

This excerpt was taken from the June 2018 Reman World magazine.