On Queue Computer, Inc.

When it comes to remanufactured legacy computer equipment, IT Servers, Workstations, and Spares, it’s important to pick a vendor with a strong background in the equipment you’re thinking about purchasing.

What you need is a company that can
answer questions like:
  • What should I expect the equipment to look like?
  • What are the original specifications?
  • What enhancements can be made to add to the longevity and performance?
  • What is the warranty and more importantly how does that process work if something is defective?
  • How much support will I get?
That’s exactly what On Queue Computer has been doing for 27 years. With a returns rate of less than 1%, their remanufactured equipment is undeterminable from new and functionally equivalent to new or in some cases better than new.

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April 2, 2018


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