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In a world that tends toward replacement, Circuit Board Medics recognizes the value of fixing what is broken. Founded in 2010, Circuit Board Medics (CBM) has cemented its place in the remanufacturing world through high quality work and stellar customer service. CBM specializes in repairing and rebuilding circuitry in automotive and appliance modules. By repairing these components, CBM offers customers an alternative to high cost replacement parts and a timely solution for malfunctioning ovens, refrigerators, cars, trucks and more.

As a company, Circuit Board Medics values the opportunity to serve people. Rather than being governed by the bottom line, CBM strives for solutions that benefit customers. Often this means going beyond just the in-house repair work to consult with customers remotely in order to diagnose and troubleshoot faults and failures. Through this level of excellence in workmanship and true customer care, Circuit Board Medics has earned a five-star reputation in the world of automotive and appliance circuit board remanufacture.

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December 10, 2022


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