The R&D Committee recently completed our webinar series – “Remanufacturing and Industry 4.0”.

Vision Systems. The first session included an overview of Industry 4.0 by Craig Bauhaus from Microsoft, and introduced the first technology subject – Vision Systems. Dr. Mike Rigney from Southwest Research Institute (SwRI) provided a technology primer, followed by application case studies by Cody Allen from SRC Logistics.

Robotics. The second session highlighted the technologies and applications of robotics. Matt Robinson (SwRI) led with a nomenclature overview and a method for motion programming. Roger Christian (Yaskawa) discussed various applications including pallet reprocessing, large vehicle battery disassembly and even robot remanufacturing. Matt White from Cummins discussed the applications of collaborative robots within manufacturing operations. Finally, Matt White (Rochester Institute of Technology – RIT) provided guidance for assessing the suitability of robotic applications.

Augmented Reality/Virtual Reality. The third session explored Augmented & Virtual Reality. Simon Floyd (Google Glass) provided a technology overview and identified use cases including enhanced training, work instructions, assisted picking and remote service. Mingu Kang (Aris Technology) highlighted a mixed reality method for inspection. Susanne Lauda from AGCO Corp. contrasted Assisted versus Augmented Reality and provided case studies for end of line inspection and service work instructions.  

Machine Learning/Artificial Intelligence. Finally, the 4th session explored applications of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence.  David Meek and Jim Little from IBM introduced the technology and various manufacturing applications. Nenad Nenadic and Abu Islam from RIT discussed model preparation methods and application to core identification. Tyler Marr (SwRI) highlighted application to manufacturing process feedback and control including welding and paint removal. Simon Floyd (Google Glass) returned to summarize the opportunities and challenges for data management within remanufacturing.

We’re pleased to also announce our next webinar series in which we will highlight each of the 12 remanufacturing sectors: aerospace, automotive, consumer products, electrical apparatus, heavy duty equipment, information technology, locomotive systems, machinery, medical, office equipment, restaurant equipment and tires.  The first will be “Electric Apparatus” held in August.